Top 5 NFT Wallets

You cant make, buy or sell NFTs without a wallet 🙂


Matamask NFT wallet

There is no doubt that Matamask is the leading wallet today for creating and storing NFTs. Matamask is available as a browser add-on and also as a mobile App. Matamask can connect directly to all Ethereum-based platforms and all actions are synchronized with both the browser extension and the mobile phone.

Engine wallet

Engine wallet NFT wallet

In addition to offering an option for holding cryptocurrencies and tokens, Enjin’s wallet includes a market for trading digital assets using ENJ, the project’s original token. Engine wallet is only available on mobile and only supports NFTs and Ethereum-based assets.

Math wallet

Math wallet NFT wallet

Math wallet is available on mobile, as a web browser add-on, and as a web wallet. It is backed by Binance Labs and Alameda Research and includes integration for 65 public networks. Math Wallet includes a one-click store for access to NFT and DeFi applications.


TrustWallet NFT wallet

Trust Wallet is another popular and user-friendly NFT mobile
Wallet. It also has a dApp list for art markets. The trust wallet is only available on mobile.


AlphaWallet NFT wallet

AlphaWallet is an Ethereum blockchain open-source wallet. You can mint new NFTs, bid in an auction, transfer/sell, and more. Supported applications include OpenSea. AlphaWallet is only available on mobile.

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