NFTARTE Creator Fund application

We aim to create an international community of artists, art supporters, and art investors, with the aid of blockchain technology.

Focusing on NFT artists, we seek to help young creators in the frontier of Digital art and the Metaverse.

We welcome Digital artists to apply for NFTARTe Creator Fund, to present their works and receive a support grant.

You can find the registration form below, but first let’s talk a little bit about our NFT community.

What is the amount of the grant? mmm.. It depends on your support

RTE is a Token created by artists and for artists. We need your support to grow together as a community!

As the value of the token increases, we will be able to offer higher support grants. The grant currently stands at $1,000 per NFT artist and is planned to reach a value of $10,000 per artist, depending on the rate of token sales.

So Spread the love 🙂

Support us and buy the coin!
Tweet it, promote it on social media,
whatever you fancy as long as it is done out of love.

Together we can be huge.

Available on Pancakeswap
you need some BNB to buy it.

symbol: RTE
Contract no: 0x6f7F002155d7AdB443360984513bB25cB4A5c84E

For further questions, you can contact us by email

NFTARTe Creator Fund application


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