Crypto Art Advisory service – helping collectors build their dream collection

We offer NFT art collectors a comprehensive service and help them build their dream collection. Most art collectors are unaware of the subtleties of this new field of digital art on the blockchain.

There are many substantive and technical questions that arise, and we are here to answer them.

How to build a balanced NFT art collection

We help build a balanced collection, consisting on the one hand of your personal tastes, and on the other hand of the trends in the NFT art market, which are changing at the speed of light.

Technical management of your NFT collection

NFT artists sell their works in dozens of different markets, working in a variety of blockchains. Each network requires working with a specific crypto wallet, using a particular currency, and a registration and identification process.

In order to manage many NFT Artworks, across many networks, technical and professional expertise is required. We will take care of all the technical side for you, so that you do not miss the crypto art you so desire.

Early adopter? Start building your NFT art collection today

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