List of NFT Marketplaces

Comprehensive list of NFT Marketplaces 2021

opensea NFT MarketplaceMATIC, ETH, KLAYUtility, Collectibles, Trading Cards, Art, Domains, Virtual Worlds, Sports, Gaming Assets2.50%2018
rarible NFT MarketplaceETHCollectibles, Trading Cards, Gaming Assets, Sports, Art2.50%2020
hic et nunc NFT MarketplaceTezosArt2.50%2021
SuperRare hic et nunc NFT MarketplaceETHArt15.00%2018
The Drop NFT MarketplaceTHETAGaming Assets, Art, Collectibles, Sports2021 NFT PlatformCROCollectibles0.00%2021
CryptoPunks MarketplaceETHCollectibles, Art2017
Waxstash MarketplaceWAXTrading Cards, Collectibles2020
ROCKI NFT Marketplace
Ultiarena NFT MarketplaceBNBgaming art6.00%
Portion NFT MarketplaceETHArt, Collectibles2018
BakerySwap NFT MarketplaceETH, BNBCollectibles, Virtual Worlds, Art2020
WazirX NFT MarketplaceBNBArt5.00%2021
Valuables NFT MarketplaceBNBCollectibles, Domains2017
The Musician MarketplaceETHMusic0.00%2018
Glozal NFT Marketplace
Submerge NFT MarketplaceMusic
Elixir MarketplaceVirtual Worlds, Gaming Assets2021
Mythical MarketplaceEOS2020
Namebase NFT MarketplaceHNSDomains3.00%2020
Decentraland NFT MarketplaceETHVirtual Worlds, Domains, Gaming Assets, Utility2.50%2017
Ethermon NFT MarketplaceETHCollectibles, Gaming Assets2018
MLB Champions MarketplaceETHSports, Gaming Assets2018
Enjin NFT MarketplaceETHTrading Cards, Art, Virtual Worlds, Utility, Domains, Gaming Assets2019
Blockparty NFT MarketplaceETHArt2020
World of Ether MarketplaceETHTrading Cards, Collectibles, Gaming Assets2018
Ethernity MarketplaceERNArt10.00%2021
GhostMarketSOUL, NEOSports, Art2.00%2020
Myth MarketWAXTrading Cards2020
NFT ShowroomHIVEArt10.00%2020
NBA Top Shot MarketplaceETHTrading Cards, Collectibles5.00%2019
Zora MarketplaceETHArt2020
Terra Virtua MarketplaceETHCollectibles6.00%2018
AirNFTs MarketplaceBNBArtUSD 0.702021
Alcor ExchangeEOS, XPR, WAX, TLOSArt, Collectibles, Trading Cards, Sports, Virtual Worlds, Gaming Assets2020
Cryptokitties MarketplaceETHCollectibles3.75%2017
Atomic Hub MarketplaceWAXTrading Cards, Collectibles2.00%2020
TreasurelandETH, BNBCollectibles, Utility, Trading Cards2020
Known OriginETHArt15.00%2018
Gods Unchained MarketplaceETHCollectibles, Trading Cards, Gaming Assets0.00%2019
Axie Infinity MarketplaceETHCollectibles, Gaming Assets4.25%2018
NFT OneTRXCollectibles2.00%2021
Viv3 MarketplaceFLOWTrading Cards, Collectibles12.50%2021
Nifty GatewayETHArt15.00%2018
Binance NFTETH, BNBCollectibles1.00%2021
Refinable NFT MarketplaceBNBCollectibles2.50%2021
Venly MarketMATIC, BNB, SANDTrading Cards, Collectibles, Gaming Assets, Sports, Utility4.00%2018
DMarket NFT MarketplaceETHVirtual Worlds, Gaming Assets2017
ZeptaGram NFT MarketplaceTLOSTrading Cards NFT MarketplaceBNBArt, Collectibles15.00%2021
Sorare MarketplaceETHSports, Trading Cards, Gaming Assets2018

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