Yluna Blood and Tar by NatuXantino nft art gallery

Where are you from? And does it matter to your art?

I’m from the Philippines. My geographical location doesn’t matter in my art because we are now all connected online and my works can be seen around the world. My NFT works have little support from the local community.

What is your preferred medium?

I do photography and digital editing. I do brand my work as neo-surrealism as I like to experiment with themes, concepts, and mediums.

When is your favorite time of day to make art?

I’m a night owl. The night is my favorite time to make my art.

When did you start engaging in digital art?

Since I started in photography 6 years ago. I learned editing and manipulation at the same time I learned how to use a camera.

How did NFT changed your artistic career?

Hope it will be. I am still new in the NFT world and hope it will give me a sustainable career.


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